Light Bulbs

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Electrical Work


Need a repair? No project is too small- we Specialize in trouble calls, repairs, and maintenance. 

Wooden Home Framing


Additions, kitchen remodeling, and general upgrades to a house, condominium, and more.


Own an electric vehicle or thinking of Purchasing one? Custom installations available for standard 120 volt dedicated circuits as well as 240 volt quick charge Outlets and EV charging stations. Portable stations also available. Applications available for Tesla models, Nissan Leaf, Honda Clarity, and more.

Electric Car Battery Charging


Need a change of scenery? Replace those old light fixtures with modern or retro fixtures with LED technology. Save on your electric bill with the efficiency of LEDs.

Hanging Brass Lamps


Own an old home with “knob and tube” wiring? Fuses? Upgrade your entire home starting with a new meter enclosure, load center, and modern up to code wiring with grounding conductors. Current code calls for arc fault and ground fault protection for most areas in the home. We specialize in rewiring older homes and even ADU units.